Willison Seamless Gutters LLC

Serving the Omaha and Council Bluffs Area since 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Can water in my basement be from the gutters not working properly?

Yes, if gutters were poorly installed or simply aged water can settle too close to your foundation.

Why does water overflow from my gutters when it rains?

The most common reason is a clogged downspout but size and pitch of your roof in relation to size of gutters and downspouts are a factor as well.

The lower portion of my downspouts are damaged from my previous lawn care service. Is there something we can do?

Yes, we offer hinges that can raise the lower extension of your downspouts for mowers and trimmers.

Is Steel or Aluminum better for my home?

There are many color options for homeowners in aluminum while most commercial applications are done in steel.